Japanese Daruma Dolls


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Sculpted and cast in house these stylised Daruma Dolls are a fantastic addition to a Japanese themed bases or more simply, fantastic detail for display bases or dioramas! Cast from a quality grey durable resin our Daruma Dolls are designed to be work in 28mm Heroic scale and 52mm realistic scale.

Daruma dolls are very common gift in Japan. Seen as a sign of good luck, Daruma dolls are often used as reminders or sources of encouragement. When first bought the Daruma will have no eyes painted on it, the user then chooses a task they would like to be reminded about and then paint one eye. Once the task is completed the user then paints on the other eye as a celebration the task is complete!

The engraving on the large Daruma Dolls translate as ‘paint’, as a reminder to keep your brush busy!